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Surveillance And Undercover Operations

    Surveillance and Undercover Investigations involve an agent working in an undercover or hidden capacity to obtain beneficial information for the client.  Surveillance is an art of shadowing a target with the specific purpose of observing and documenting its activities. Although there are legal issues to consider, this method of investigations is legal and effective. 

    SafeTek prides itself in providing this service in an effective and legal manner. Our professional, highly trained staff is very effective in gathering video, or still photo evidence using state-of-the-art equipment. We will work anytime, day or night, to obtain results.  Photographs are developed quickly and storage of negatives with proper documentation are preserved and security is always maintained.  

   Our highly skilled and experienced investigators are trained to observe a discreet system for following the subject of an investigation.  Discreet investigative techniques are employed to obtain photos and/or video to document the activities of individuals and their associates as well as to document the condition, location and placement of objects, vehicles, property and/or persons.  Our agents will substantiate actions, facts and, if necessary, produce this evidence as well as testimony in a court of law.  

   Our Investigators are equipped with the latest video equipment, photography equipment and the expertise to utilize this equipment.  We offer a full compliment of videotaping services for surveillance, personal injury insurance cases, security and loss prevention, depositions, will readings, and more. Viewing equipment can be set up for courtroom presentations or private viewing.  

   Our specialized high tech equipment allows us to offer a full range of photographic services. Telephoto close-up photography, night photography, as well as other special needs, are available.  We can videotape in near total darkness.  Cameras can be set-up for short term or long term monitoring of various situations.  Hidden miniaturized body cameras can go almost anywhere to obtain evidence.  Satellite photos are also available.   Unmarked vehicles with night-vision devices as well as video taping equipment are also available. We can provide highly skilled investigators, or a complete surveillance team operating in several locations 24 hours a day. 



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