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Computer Forensics

Members of our staff have extensive experience in computer and network evaluations. The scope of these evaluations ranges from non-intrusive, automated scanning vulnerabilities to full penetration analysis of client networks. Each case is tailored to the specific needs of the individual client or corporation. Therefore, optional levels of the examination are offered, and the entire scope of the examination is tailored to fit the needs of the client.  These procedures can be coordinated with the client's representative's) prior to initiation to ensure the safety and integrity of their network resources.  We offer on-scene, as well as laboratory-based examinations.

A specially trained expert response team is available for your convenience. Forensic machines and software are continually upgraded to keep pace with the fast growing amount of available technology. Recovery of deleted, hidden or lost files is nearly always successful (with qualifications through byte-by-byte, sector-level examination of hard drives or floppies, including slack and unallocated disk space. Data recovery includes text files, graphical images, e-mail, and URL's. Our team can also uncover discovery evidence, which includes imaging, assessment, auditing and validation of discovery evidence for any litigation.  The process is evaluated and the level of adequacy is accessed on previously examined computers.

We can lead or assist in internal investigations involving computers. Our trained investigators can search computer media for evidence of inappropriate electronic mail, pornographic material or criminal activity.  When conducting data recovery or "computer forensic" activities, we use special procedures and tools to preserve the evidentiary integrity of any seized computer media.



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