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Security Services

   The information that follows concerns on-site security services. It includes details concerning the services we provide, our personnel, training and supervision, costs (and how you control them!), insurances, and contract terms.  For information about specialized security services, refer to the related areas (see sidebar).  For Information about "In-House" services (where you employ the officer) refer to the "Training" section

We provide security services for most situations; These include:

 Financial Institutions Trade Buildings Medical Facilities
Commercial Complexes Warehouses Retail Outlets
Industrial Complexes Housing Facilities Office Buildings
Business Parking Structures Schools

   Our primary concern is your satisfaction.  You will have control over the decisions concerning the services and personnel that we will provide.  Using your input, we will tailor your service with regard to your special requirements, preferences, and restrictions (such as skills, appearance, sex, age, etc.).  We will develop a set of instructions (post orders) suited to address your particular needs. All information and communications will be kept confidential.

   We can proved officers with firearms, baton, and mace certifications.  Officers attire can be uniformed, soft profile (security blazer, slacks, shirt, and tie), or plain clothed.  Officers can be equipped to meet your specific needs: radios, pagers, Time logging systems (a special system that records an officer's schedule of his/her prescribed patrol rounds), and more.  We can provide personnel with the certification, training, and equipment to meet your service needs

   Our operations and dispatch staff are available twenty-four hours day, seven days a week.  Management and supervisory personnel are continuously available to address any contingencies.

   All our departments (personnel, dispatching, accounting, etc.) are linked to our secured computer database and information network.  Security personnel are computer dispatched.  Service invoices are itemized showing the details of each shift (times, dates, personnel, location, rates / costs, etc.); any questions can be answered simply and easily.  You will have an exact accounting for all of our services.


    We take great care in screening, testing, and training our staff. We utilize the same extensive resources for our pre employment screening process that we offer to our clients.  These resources include background checks, examinations, interviews, and polygraph testing.  Training is provided by our staff and our certified training school.

   We have a large staff of security officers (male, female, bilingual, etc.).  Many have been with our company for years.  We pride ourselves on our officers attitude, loyalty, and desire to please our clients.   We carefully select and assign our officers according to a particular client / post's requirements, matched with the officers desired work schedule.

   We provide quality service with quality people.  Our officers enjoy benefits and compensation that most of our competitors do not offer: Above average wages, vacations, uniform / equipment allowances, and more.  This ensures that we will retain them, and thus reduce the chances that substitutions will occur.

   We could use officers which earn and cost less, but the quality of service is directly related to the of the assigned officer; higher quality officers earn higher wages.  As in any business motivated and content employees are generally more dedicated than part time, temporary, or  under compensated employees.

Training And Supervision

   Our officers are oriented and trained according for each particular post to which they are assigned (using the " post orders").  When commencing service at a new location or post, our normal procedure is to assign a supervisor to work post first.  This allows us to become intimately familiar with the situation.  Thus we can properly train the officers that will be assigned to that post.

   Field Supervisors will conduct regular unannounced post inspections.  They will routinely evaluate and report upon the performance of our officers.  They will observe and examine our officers appearance, attire, equipment, records, and compliance with the post orders.  They will contact designated members of your staff and obtain their feedback.  This will ensure that you   are satisfied with the personnel assigned to meet your service needs.

   Our management staff is directly involved in the orientation and training of our officers.  This training includes our company's policies and requirements.  Some examples are appearance, attendance, communication, deterrence by maintaining a high profile, and the de escalation of the use of force.  Our Employee Handbook, which is issued to all of our officers, specifies these policies and requirements.  Specialized training is provided by our State certified (BSIS) training school, Top Gun Security Academy INC.

   All officers have completed the testing and training required for security guard certification (by the state of California).  Most of our officers have additional training and certifications which may include firearms, mace, baton, first aid, CPR, hazardous materials, and others. 

   We also provide additional training as necessary for each post location.  Some examples are the operation of surveillance systems, crowd control, radio communications, logging systems, hazardous fumes, fire watches, and more.

You Control Costs

    You control of the costs.  We will provide you with our recommendations and a cost breakdown for our proposed services.  Together we will review the figures to see if they meet with your satisfaction.  If your so desire, you may request an different alternative.  For example, you may desire an officer with additional qualifications, skills, or equipment.  Or perhaps you may be interested reducing your costs as much as possible.  We will work with you to tailor a program for your specific needs.

   Our service rates are based upon the wages of the officers we will assign to your particular location.  Officers with more qualifications and experience generally earn higher wages.  We try to ensure that we will retain our employees by providing benefits and compensation that most of our competitors do not offer: above average wages, vacations, uniform / equipment allowances, and more. This  allows us to retain our loyal and dedicated officers, provide superior service, and reduce the chances that substitutions will occur.

    In order to reduce our service rates we must reduce our service costs.  This is true for any security contractor.  We have one real option available to reduce costs: We could use officers that earn lower wages.  We must maintain our current level of insurance coverage for our protection and the protection of all our clients.  We must maintain our training and supervision in order to ensure quality service and reduced the risk of incidents.  Naturally, we minimize our administrative costs in order to control costs.

    A rate reduction would be based upon a wage reduction for the officers assigned to your location (the minimum wage we pay an officer is $0.50 per hour above minimum wage).  However, as we indicated before, the quality of our service is dependent upon the officers assigned to your location.  The reality is that the performance and value of the lower waged officers will not be the same as that of the more experienced officers (that earn higher wages).  If you are interested in this option, we can offer our suggestions and a cost breakdown.

Service Rates & Costs

    The wage related costs indicated in the table below were are based upon an officer's hourly wages.  These costs calculations do not include administration, supervision, uniforms and  equipment, training or other costs.  These costs will be absorbed by SafeTek. There will be no charges for these costs unless specifically indicated in our agreement.

   The basic rates do not include overtime or holiday charges if they apply (typically charged at the common time and half rate).  We generally have a minimum requirement that shift length will be a minimum of a six hours.  For shifts longer than eight hours, overtime may be applied if not prohibited as indicated on our service agreement.  

   Wage related costs include employee wages, employee benefits, employer taxes, and insurance's.  Employee base wages typically range from a minimum of $6.75 per hour and up depending upon the service; Typical wage ranges for unarmed and armed officers are between $7.50 and $12.00 per hour.  Employee benefits (approximately 19.2% of gross wages) include Uniform/Equipment allowances, vacations, and paid training / fees.  Employer taxes (approximately 14.2% of gross wages) include FICA, Medicare, UI, SDI, and FUTA.  Insurances (approximate average of 26.52% of gross wages) include Worker's Compensation, Liability, and other insurance coverages.

Wage & Related Costs Per Hour

Officer's Base Wage

Wage Related Costs

Combined Wage Costs *

Markup +15%

Markup +20%

Markup +25%

Markup +30%







































































* The "Combined Wage Costs" amounts do not include our company's profit margin. The “Markup +##%” columns specify the corresponding billing rates based upon the applicable profit margin.  Also Excluded are other additional expenses such as forced overtime, sick days, uniforms/equipment, travel, supervision, training, certification, licensing, and other management expenses paid out of our profit margin.  

Typical Security Service Rates Per Hour

     Service rates are dependent upon many factors including: the officer's wages, assigned duties, service locations, service schedules, equipment costs (radios, time clocks, uniforms, gear, etc.), supervision, training, and administration.

    Typical service rates for an unarmed security officer range from $12.25 to $16.50 per hour (Typical service rate is $13.50 per hour).  Typical service rates for an armed security officer range from $14.75 to $19.50 per hour (Typical service rate is $16.00 per hour).

Insurance Coverage

   SafeTek carries a broad form of comprehensive general liability insurances; coverage includes property damage, bodily injury and personal injury, false arrest and or imprisonment, errors and omissions, libel and slander.  Note that our liability policy has a three million dollar limit, three times the industry standard!  We have full workers compensation insurance, and are bonded for legal services.  Insurance certification is available directly through our staff or our insurance brokers.   If you wish to be specified as "additionally insured" on our insurance policies, special arrangements easily can be made.

Simple Contract Terms

    Our service agreement is a simple one page document.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed: if you no longer wish to retain our services you may cancel at any time.  Our service agreements are "open ended"; you are not locked into any length of term.  Specific details (rates etc.) are on the front of the agreement and general terms are indicated on the back.  Everything is specified in plain English with no hidden costs.


   Our client lists are considered extremely confidential and sensitive information; our clients are our most valuable asset.  Our client list ranges from Fortune 100 companies to private individuals.  Thus, we will divulge limited reference information only after a request has been verified and validated.



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