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Counter Measures

   SafeTek often utilizes specialized electronic invasion countermeasures and equipment, to provide "sweeps" for homes, businesses or vehicles for the presence of transmitters, (bugs), hot wired telephones or tape recorders attached to telephone lines.  For Computer and Network related issues, please refer to the Computer section. 

   We have many years of experience and technical expertise in the field of electronic surveillance and countermeasures.  We utilize the latest technology and equipment and are are eminently qualified to perform these searches/sweeps.  

   We can help you ensure that there are no electronic bugging devices illegally placed throughout your business, home or automobile.  If you suspect a bug or just need assurance that your business, vehicle, office, conference site or home is safe from prying ears, feel free to contact us. For a free consultation concerning this and all of your investigative needs, call us today.  Note: You may want to use a pay phone or a line that you are absolutely sure is safe!

   Did you know a properly placed and functioning telephone bug will provide no audio sound to indicate its presence? A good telephone bug cannot be seen nor heard by the naked ear!  Some Phone bug even operate while the phone is on the hook!   An cheap R.F. (radio frequency) transmitter "bug" concealed in your business, home or vehicle can pick up your most private conversation and can be transmitted to whomever to be used for whatever purpose. 

Some of the Electronic Countermeasure services that we provide include:

bulletElectronic Debugging
bulletTransmitter Sweeps
bulletSecure Remote Telephones Switches
bulletHidden Tape Recorders
bulletHidden Camera and Video
bulletElectronic Invasion Countermeasures


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