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Polygraph Services

   Polygraphs, truth verification, and lie detection, are all common terms used for a Psycho physiological Veracity (PV) Examination.  In these examinations a Lie Detection expert (a certified Forensic Psychophysiologist) utilizes a polygraph (electro-mechanical data collecting and recording instrument) and a scientifically structured interview to evaluate a subjects truthfulness or deception. 

   Psychophysiological Veracity (PV) Examinations are commonly used by government organizations, defense attorneys, prosecuting attorneys, law enforcement agencies, business-industry, and private individuals. We utilize these examinations to assists these entities and individuals to help them with:


Conducting Investigations


Verification of Statements / Facts


Integrity Evaluations


Workplace Issues (Theft/Harassment/Discrimination) 


Pre-Employment Checks / Select New Employees


Development Of Interview and Interrogation Skills


Personnel Security Clearance Investigations

    Our professional examiners have direct access to state of the art computerized equipment and software; even portable equipment is available. Examinations can be performed at our offices and abroad on an as needed basis.  All inquiries and related services are held in the strictest confidence.

   All of our examiners are thoroughly trained and certified.  This process requires at least a baccalaureate degree and successful completion of an accredited school program and certification examination. All of polygraph technicians were trained in the polygraph technique by attending a post-graduate program in the detection of deception including a supervised internship.

   We offer expert consultations for both the public and private sectors regarding the use of PV examinations.  We perform critical reviews and Assessments of PV examinations conducted by other forensic psycho physiologists.  We can provide testimony in court regarding the validity and reliability of PV examinations in general, and specifically the PV examination's) offered in evidence.

   We offer Qualification and Certification for forensic psycho physiologists in the use of the Polygraph, the various Zone Comparison Techniques, the Control Question Validation Procedures, and the different Test applications.  Additionally, we are available to lecture at polygraph schools, universities and colleges, scientific / investigative / legal conferences, seminars, and workshops.

Specific Issue Polygraph Examinations

   On a regular basis our firm is retained by law enforcement agencies, attorneys and businesses to administer polygraph examinations. When a specific and identifiable incident occurs (theft, sabotage, arson, homicide, assault, fraud, sexual contact with a minor, etc.), the polygraph technique is the most effective means available to determine the credibility of a person's statements.  

   Federal Regulations can general limit an employer's (but not other persons) ability to request and administer polygraph examinations.  There are certain exceptions for pre-employment (for some job descriptions) and for issues concerning "a workplace event that relates to an employer's loss" (theft, crime, etc.).  Currently, polygraph test results are admissible in over 20 states, and as one court has said, "the greater weight of authority indicates that it [polygraph] can be a helpful scientific tool".

A specific issue polygraph examination consists of the following steps:

  1. A personal conference or telephone discussion during which the polygraph examiner obtains a complete history of the case background information.
  2. A pretest interview with the subject, which generally lasts 45 to 60 minutes, during which the examiner discusses the issue under investigation, thoroughly reviews all of the test questions that will be asked during the examination, and assesses the individual's emotional and physiological suitability to take the test.
  3. A series of 4 to 6 polygraph tests, during which the subject's physiological responses are recorded as they answer a set of pre-established questions concerning the issue under investigation.
  4. A review and interpretation of the polygraph charts, from which the examiner will reach one of three conclusions - that the subject is telling the truth; that the subject is not telling the truth; or, that the results are inconclusive.
  5. Upon completion of the examination a verbal report will be given to the client, followed by a written report which will provide a synopsis of the case information available to the examiner at the time of the testing, a list of the relevant test questions, the subject's answers, and the examiner's opinion as to the subject's truthfulness or deception.

   If you would like more information about this service, or if you would like to train your staff in how to utilize the effectiveness of the specific issue interview, please contact us. 

Pre-Employment / Integrity Evaluation

The Integrity Interview is a highly structured, professionally conducted interview with a job applicant. The purpose for the interview is to develop factual information about the applicant's past behavioral patterns. The philosophy behind the interview is very straightforward. The most accurate indicator of an individual's future behavior is theirí past behavior.

   In a recent study, the information developed from Integrity Interviews conducted on police candidates was compared to the information developed through a traditional background, record and reference investigation conducted by a law enforcement agency.  In no instance did the background investigation develop information that was not learned from the candidate during the Integrity Interview.  Furthermore, in over 1/3 of the interviews we developed relevant information that was not discovered during the police background investigation.

Specifically, the following areas are assessed during the interview:   

bulletEmployment History
bulletTheft and Related Activities
bulletWork Related Alcohol Use
bulletViolations of Company Policy
bulletRecent Use of Illegal Drugs
bulletCriminal Behavior 

   If you would like more information about this service, or if you would like to train your staff in how to increase the effectiveness of the selection interview, please contact us. 

Personnel Security Clearance Investigations

   As the number of individuals who require clearance for access to classified information increases on a yearly basis, more and more private and government agencies are seeking outside assistance in conducting Personnel Security Clearance Investigations.

   Our firm has been retained by numerous entities to teach their staff the most effective way to conduct personnel security interviews, and, in fact, designed an extensive interview process that they use in the screening/investigation of personnel.  Our firm is now available to conduct personnel security investigations for you. If you would like to know more about our program, just contact us.



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