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Consulting & Other Services

   We provide a wide range of consulting and related services.  Chances are if you have a problem, we can help.  Some of our consuting services include: 

bulletRisk Analysis
bulletExpert Reviews
bulletComputer Employment Application
bulletPersonnel Security Clearance Investigations


Risk Analysis

    We have the ability to provide an organized and accurate plan to evaluate possible risks and lay the groundwork for your security and safety.  We will work to eliminate hazards and anticipate potential threats including stalking, harassment, and terrorist threats.

    We can provide an on-site analysis of your designated locations in regards to security and related issues. We will work to enhance safety and security, eliminate or reduce risks, and anticipate potential loses or other problems including theft, accidents, and related issues.    

Expert Reviews

   Because of our experience in the field of interviewing and interrogation our staff are highly respected by courts and investigative agencies alike. On a regular basis we are asked to review material for expert consultation. This includes review of audio or video taped interviews and or interrogations.  

   By evaluating electronically recorded interviews or interrogations, we can often provide an expert opinion to an agency concerning:  Is the suspect withholding relevant information or telling the truth?  What interrogation approach would be most productive for this particular suspect?  How could an interview have been conducted differently to develop more meaningful information?  What additional tactics or strategies could have been used during an interrogation to persuade the suspect to tell the truth?

A another common review is that of interrogation techniques or a confession.  During a suppression hearing, various aspects of the voluntary nature or trustworthiness of a confession require an expert to educate the court on what is considered proper or improper.  While we are not qualified to offer legal opinions, we can enlighten a judge on why certain tactics and contemporary interrogation techniques are necessary and why they would not cause an innocent person to confess. On the other hand, about 50% of our confession consultations are for the defense -- Not every interrogation is properly conducted. In those situations we may testify as to the possible effects of duress, coercion or other factors that may have led to an involuntary or false confession.

   We also review and aid the development of the Pre-employment Interview.  While most job applicants are honest, hard-working individuals seeking an opportunity for long-term employment, some of them try to gain a job by misrepresenting their background, employment history, education, experience, and abilities on their resume and application.  Consequently, some individuals are hired who eventually put the employer, co-workers, and members of the public at risk because of their inappropriate behavior.

   As part of our consulting services our staff is available to review your current pre-employment selection process and screening interview content.  We will work with your organization to strengthen the structure and quality of the interview and application process, which will improve your organizationís ability to identify high-risk applicants before they become problem employees.

Computer Employment Application

Numerous studies have reported that people are more candid and open when responding to questions asked on a computer monitor than by a human interviewer.  This is the underlying concept of the Computer Employment Application.  This innovative software application actually conducts a pre-employment interview of a job applicant.  The applicant responds to questions about his employment history, drug use, general honesty and criminal activity. The interactive program selects follow-up questions to ask based on the applicant's initial response to key inquires. The computer generates a report that accurately reflects the applicant's past behaviors within these relevant areas.

The report and the applicantís candid responses can then be reviewed in more detail during an actual face-to-face meeting.  More time can be spent discussing the application and related information rather than transcribing the applicantís initial responses.  The average length of the interview is 30 minutes and results are immediate. This software has ideal application for screening large numbers candidates.

Personnel Security Clearance Investigations

   As the number of individuals who require clearance for access to classified information increases on a yearly basis, more and more private and government agencies are seeking outside assistance in conducting Personnel Security Clearance Investigations.

   Our firm has been retained by numerous entities to teach their staff the most effective way to conduct personnel security interviews, and, in fact, designed an extensive interview process that they use in the screening/investigation of personnel.  Our firm is now available to conduct personnel security investigations for you. If you would like to know more about our program, just contact us.



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