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Why Us?

Experience, ability, and quality service -  That is what we provide.


   SafeTek's management (Brian Holmes, Hank Allen, and others) and staff have extensive professional experience including backgrounds in law enforcement include the F.B.I., D.E.A., P.D., P.P.O.,  and other entities.  Our management staff also includes individuals that have degrees and related certifications in Criminal Justice, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Forensic Psychophysiology.  

   Additionally, members of our staff hold various certifications (from the BSIS, NRA, The American Red Cross, and other organizations) as instructors (in areas such as guard certification, powers to arrest, firearms, tactics, first aid, CPR, Loss Prevention, Personal Protection, and Investigations).  Our training facility, Top Gun Security Training Academy, is one of the oldest operating schools licensed by BSIS.  A large number of our competitors recruit our graduates (but you can guess who gets the best!).  This unique combination of experience and credentials is reflected in the quality and value of our service.


   Since 1979, our companies have provided professional security, investigative and training services.  We have developed a large network of experienced professionals.  We have numerous resources, many on the cutting edge of technology.  We have an inventory of high tech equipment, lab services, an extensive computer network, connections to countless databases, and more.  Based upon our experienced staff and technical resources, SafeTek has built an excellent and enduring reputation for providing quality services. 

   SafeTek holds all the licenses, permits, bonds, and insurance necessary to provide the security and investigative services you require.  We are licensed by the BSIS (Bureau of Security and Investigative Services, State of California DCA) as a Private Investigations Agency. We are also a certified Polygraph (lie detection) Agency.  We are also a BSIS licensed Private Patrol Operator and Security Service ContractorWe are registered and bonded with California court system for legal process services. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured (multi-million dollar policy). 

Quality Service

   Your satisfaction is our primary concern: If you're not happy with our performance, then we don't deserve your business.  With this in mind, we make the extra effort to ensure your satisfaction.  Our focus is to provide quality service in the most professional and discrete manner as possible.  We are committed to personal, friendly, timely, quality service and thank you in advance for your business! 

  From the beginning, you and your staff will communicate directly with our highest levels of management.  This direct line of communication will allow us to develop relationships, share information, obtain feedback, and ensure your satisfaction.  All information and communications will be kept confidential; our loyalty is strictly to our client.

  You will have control over the decisions concerning the services and personnel that we will provide.  Our rates are very competitive, and structured to suit your specific requirements.  Using your input, we will develop a solution suited to address your particular needs, preferences, and restrictions.

   We are a tightly run organization.  We do not employ outside salesmen, payroll services, or other peripheral staff.  Our management staff is familiar with each of our clients and employees.  Our management staff is actively involved in all personnel matters (administration, supervision,  training, recruitment).  We believe in maintaining a family atmosphere with our staff, and respecting our professional relationship with our clients. 

   Our entire management staff have been promoted from within, each individual having been with our organization for several years.  Thus, we have developed a strong sense of teamwork, loyalty, and a professional attitude within our organization.



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