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Pre-Employment / Background Searches

   We provide several different levels of pre-employment background searches.  These range from a simple criminal, driver, and other records searches up to a more thorough investigation which may include a polygraph examination.  Each search is tailored to the unique set of variables (client, subject, position, qualifications, etc.).

   You can rest assured that the subject will never know they were checked-out by our private investigators.  They will not be contacted and no traces of our background investigation will ever be discovered.

   The cost and turnaround time depend upon what state the person and company are located, as well as how much information you have on the subject(s). The more information you have, usually the cost is less, the less information you have, the more searches we need to process, making the cost slightly higher. There are very few things that we cannot get for you, and have access to every county/state in the United States.

Some Shocking Statistics...

   About 47% of all applicants knowingly falsify their resumes or applications!  Approximately 1/3 of all employees regularly steal from their employers!  In retail, internal theft causes 85% more shortage than shoplifting!  Between 1971 and 1988, internal theft increased from $16 billion to over $200 billion!  20% of all business failures are caused by internal theft!

   Lawsuits involving NEGLIGENT HIRING and NEGLIGENT RETENTION practices are at an all time high and can affect your business.  Would you want a convicted thief running your cash office, doing your bookkeeping, or even operating a register at your store?  More and more, courts are deciding that certain negative facts in a person's past should disqualify them from given positions. So if that employee convicted of theft causes a loss to one of your customers (embezzlement, credit card fraud), then YOU may be held responsible!!  You can be liable because you "should have known!"

   The bottom line is, if you hire someone based solely on their resume and their word, you are at risk for encountering these and many more problems. And as we all know, it is often much more costly to fix a mistake than to prevent it!  Avoid all of these potential issues! We offer a comprehensive Pre-employment Background Screening package. You can even customize a package to fit your company's needs! Contact us so we can start saving you time, money, and grief!

    Employee Dishonesty: 8% of our employment background checks show a discrepancy with what their SSN, DOB, or spelling of their name.  Some applicants may try to hide an undesirable background from you by providing fraudulent documents or an invalid social security number, incorrect date of birth, or a slight misspelling of their name.  A background search ensures that the spelling, date of birth, and SSN are all accurate, which then ensures 100% accuracy of any other searches such as criminal, driving, etc.

    Employee Omissions & Incomplete Records:  Roughly 17% of processed background checks have a charge and or conviction related to violence; can you accept this in your business?  Some applicants will deliberately withhold conviction information to hide past criminal activity and or a violent past.  Employers can be held liable for employees who commit acts of violence while at work, especially if the employer failed to check their past.









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