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Individual Investigations

   Common examples Individual Investigations include issues involving domestic issues, skip tracing, asset searches, etc. 


Domestic Issues   

   Pre-marital investigations, domestic surveillance, adultery and infidelity, divorce, custody issues, court ordered child recovery, child abuse (including sexual, physical or neglect), adoption investigations, child’s nanny and or elderly care givers, teenager issues (drugs, driving, etc.), and many more.

   It has become more evident in modern times that it is necessary to know the past history of a person you're planning to spend the rest of your life with. Our Investigators will dig deep to verify the facts.  A Background Investigation will show if they're really are who they portray themselves to be, or just a con with, floating from relationship to relationship with their eyes now set on your life, credit, and assets.  Your peace of mind will come from knowing that after our thorough Investigation and background check, your mate is who they say they are and your relationship is off to a great start.

   This just might be the sneakiest thing you do before your marriage, but don't underestimate the seriousness and necessity for a background investigation. If you have the slightest bit of suspicion, you owe it to yourself as a safeguard for the protection of your future.  It's better to find out before the legal ties are made.  If everything is fine, then both of you can have a good laugh about it years from now.

     Infidelity and Honesty:  Suspicious?  Sadly, statistics prove that you are probably right.  For peace of mind and to better plan your future, contact us for confidential assistance. 

    When we receive a request for an infidelity or honesty issue investigation, we assist the client in determining what action is needed and make our recommendations as to what we feel will be the best way to find out if their suspicions are founded or unfounded.  Then we apply our Investigative techniques and surveillance to determine the faithfulness and truthfulness of a spouse, significant other, or family member.

    Child Custody: Investigations of parents or guardians who have, for one reason or another, chosen to neglect the welfare of or have abuse a child.

    Teen Watch: Do you know where your teen is and what they are doing?  Our investigators have many years of expertise in recognizing the signs of drug and alcohol abuse.  We can identify friends and associates and check their criminal records.  The negative influence from a troubled teen or the manipulation of an adult can have serious consequences on you son or daughter.



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