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Executive Protection

    With years of experience providing personal safety and protection services for corporate leaders, celebrities, employees, and private individuals, our staff is thoroughly knowledgeable concerning these client’s security needs. Whether it is personal or property security, these services are provided with skill and experience.  Special precautions are taken to insure that each circumstance is analyzed and a plan implemented to guard against exposure.  We also offer Protection Specialists to consult and advise you in all your personal or corporate security needs.

    Your security is our priority. It is our goal to provide you with the highest level of personal protection in any situation.  Our discreet, low-key approach has been the key to our success.  Our highly trained professional staff will provide a secure environment for all business and social activities.

    We can provide around the clock protection and make arrangements for transportation.  We have been called on at a moments notice to oversee security matters on everything from Fortune 500 Corporations Directors Compensation meetings to VIP Protection for celebrities and public officials.  We are available for public appearances, social gatherings and all events.  We can provide special security for film locations and coordinate street closures and crowd control with local police departments.

Advanced Threat Assessment

We have the ability to provide an organized and accurate plan to evaluate possible risks and lay the groundwork for your safe visit.  We will work to eliminate hazards and anticipate potential threats including stalking, harassment, and terrorist threats.



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