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Corporate Investigations

   The competitive nature of business, as well as the constant change in the economy, has created a vital need for our investigative assistance for businesses of all sizes.  Corporations as well as small businesses can face extinction not only from a slowdown in business, but too often due to illegal or unauthorized acts of employees, vendors or their competition.  

    Our investigations cover all areas of industrial espionage, theft, mismanagement as well as patent and trademark infringement. We also provide the following services to help you, our valued customer, cut your losses and help restore profitability to your company.

   We also perform investigations related to Insurance claims and agencies.  With high tech equipment and a dedicated staff we will document the activities of individuals who have made an insurance claim.  We can document the location of traffic accidents as an effective defense at trial.

   In the current world of litigious individuals, businesses must be sensitive to their exposures and liabilities when dealing with employee malfeasance and disciplinary action. A seasoned and professional firm can assist management in minimizing exposure in a discreet professional and efficient manner.  

Some of the Corporate based investigations that we provide include:

bulletUndercover Operative Placement
bulletInternal and External Surveillance
bulletInternal Theft Prevention and Detection
bulletEmbezzlement Investigations
bulletEmployee Dishonesty
bulletFraud Investigations
bulletWorkplace Violence Issues
bulletSexual Harassment
bulletEmployee Termination
bulletPre-Employment Screening
bulletTheft of Trade Secrets
bulletPotential Liability Hazards
bulletEnvironmental Issues
bulletMoney Courier
bulletProperty Issues
bulletInventory Control
bulletSecurity Checkpoints
bulletCorporate Fraud
bulletCorporate Intelligence
bulletComputer Forensics
bulletBusiness Scams

Insurance Investigations


Accident Investigations


Vehicular Accident Claims - (Auto, Truck, Pedestrian)


Fraudulent Claims


Civil Liability Claims


Workman's Compensation Claims


Slip And Fall Claims


Personal Injury Claims


Insurance Fraud

Employee Issues

   Drugs use:  Legitimate businesses have the right to operate theft and drug free. The courts have supported this belief and we are dedicated to providing solutions and resources that will assist business to obtain that goal. Our work is conducted in a professional, discreet and effective manner.

   When it's important to record your employee's actions, or keep the work place safe, we can help.  A video record can be helpful during strikes and terminations to prevent violence.

   Sexual harassment and discrimination issues can also be dealt with more effectively when the actions have been caught on tape.  No longer do you have to "cross your fingers" and hope for the best.  It's good business judgment to screen applicants of all types. It's also a necessity, to keep out of court and stay focused on running your business.

     With many years in the Loss Prevention and Security side of business, we can assist you with interview and interrogation of dishonest employees, surveillance, installation of camera systems, etc. Why take the gamble?



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